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The corporate sector is one of the largest energy consumers in the Czech Republic, and you can find areas that need improvement in almost every industrial operation! Sometimes the cause is only a lack of tools, capacities and resources for efficient energy system management, elsewhere it may be the use of obsolete and inefficient energy equipment. In both cases, there is room for the implementation of EPCs (Energy Performance Contracts) and potentially ECs (Energy Contracts) and the achievement of significant savings in energy costs.

We offer comprehensive turnkey solutions to modernise the energy management of our clients’ production complexes. We offer long-term partnerships that must produce positive effects on both sides. During the implementation of the EPC project, the client gains an optimal balance between the costs expended and the effects achieved, as well as a contractual guarantee of energy savings. Thanks to active energy management (EM) and the experience of our staff, our clients have a detailed overview of actual energy consumption and information on how to further improve results.

The services may also include the financing of energy efficiency measures, so that the client does not need its own funds for project implementation. The energy savings guarantee enables the client to repay the initial investment and all other project costs.

Where there is no interest or the conditions are not right for the implementation of EPC projects, we can offer and provide only active energy management (EM) services and, as part of these services, we seek further savings in energy consumption and purchasing. EM services are also suitable for new buildings, where additional and previously hidden and untapped energy and cost savings can be revealed despite the presence of modern and efficient technologies.

For effective application of the EPC method, initial aggregate energy costs should be at least CZK 3 million without VAT/year, while for the application of energy management approximately CZK 700,000 without VAT/year is sufficient.

Energy management and energy efficiency projects are a long-term priority for us. We therefore take an individual approach to each client from the very beginning, and try to offer an energy management solution that takes the client’s current needs and plans into account. Our guarantee of savings for the entire duration of the contractual relationship means we are maximally motivated to work closely with the client, to seek new energy-saving measures, and to continuously improve the operation of any energy-saving measures already implemented.

We also provide independent energy consulting and prepare energy assessments, audits, studies, and energy performance certificates for buildings. We test the energy efficiency of boilers and air conditioning units – not only for the purpose of meeting the requirements of Act No 406/2000, as amended, but in particular with a view towards the practical side of using the knowledge gained and achieving maximum savings on energy and fuel costs. Last but not least, we also provide comprehensive consultancy in currently provided subsidies for energy efficiency projects.

You can find references from projects implemented for the private sector here.

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