Energy Performance Contracting

We ensure the quality of our energy services through the economical operation of the client’s technological systems, including the management of all types of energy - planning and managing the development of energy management projects is an integral part of our operation.

The aim of these energy services is to ensure economically usable energy savings and to implement the necessary technical and organizational measures, where savings are achieved primarily through the implementation of zero-cost and low-cost measures. They also allow the company to identify and assess energy efficiency measures of an investment nature. In essence, it is a method offering comprehensive turnkey services aimed at reducing energy consumption in the customer’s building. As an energy consumer, the client does not have to invest any capital in this type of project because the financial resources needed to pay for the energy saving solutions are provided by the project itself, meaning the repayments are covered by the future energy savings. For such solutions, we use the EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) methodology. Where the investment significantly exceeds the potential for future savings, we are able to use the EC (Energy Contracting) method in energy projects, where the investment in energy saving measures is included in the price of subsequently sold energy. Active Energy Management is an integral part of all our projects. Its structured approach is based on the systematic monitoring of actual energy consumption, analysis of the results, and the subsequent implementation of remedial measures.

One benefit of active energy management is that it enables the integration of energy management into a pre-existing management structure and which can also be characterized as a dynamic and long-term energy audit. A project also includes the possibility to reorganize the structure, including an audit of operating personnel, a revision of subcontracts, and the comprehensive use of all synergies in IT support, administration, and servicing, etc.

It is basically a progressive way to operate Local Distribution Systems and buildings, including their technologies, using a control centre that ensures the precise maintenance of the indoor climate and monitors failure states.

The solution thus includes a long-term process for optimizing energy consumption (i.e. maximum energy savings at minimum costs) and securing energy supplies at the lowest possible price and in the required amount, time, and quality. Overall, this service offers qualified energy management in accordance with applicable legislation, including the coordination of a large number of participants in the whole process.

The energy management service also involves the unification of measurement and control systems under a new control element with a connection to the control centre offering the possibility to remotely control the important technologies in buildings. It is thus possible to use a specially equipped control centre, which is an integral part of the energy management service, as a tool for effectively improving building energy performance. By setting up a system to manage technologies and analyse technical data through a state-of-the-art control centre, it is also possible to control the operation of very complex technological units, including Cogeneration Units for the combined generation of heat and power and a number of other modern heating, electricity generation, cooling and compressed air production technologies.

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